Tuesday, 13 March 2012


It wasn't a special day, just an ordinary Sunday. Nor was it a special route - we'd done it or a variation of it many times. It was pretty much the usual crew. Livsey was away skiing but the rest of us - Dave the Builder, Laughing Dave, our Will and me - were there. Maybe it was that Spring was starting to make an appearance, it was definitely warmer and drier than we've had of late. Whatever it was there was a really chilled, lighthearted vibe to the ride straight from the off. As usual Will was moaning about something and I was giving him grief. As usual the Dave's were taking the piss.
The big hairy chested climb up 'Pickabonk' was despatched and even at the re-group where we shovelled our lungs back in, jokes were flying back and forth. Over the muddy cheeky bit and onto the Grane Rd. Suddenly a race was on. The Dave's were duking it out in front while I made like a hamster in a wheel on the singlespeed trying to keep up. Then Will who had been whingeing and off the back until then, shot past everybody.
Another big climb up Robin Hood's Well and across to Peel Tower we went. A pause here for choccy biccies and a chance to critique the performance of the charity abseilers struggling down the side of the tower. The tricky, techy cheeky descent seemed a bit more cut up than normal. Ace! Three of us really enjoyed that bit!
On we went and even the walkers on the track above the shooting range were in a good mood, sharing the craic as they held gates open for us. Eventually we fetched up at Little Wayoh and its stream crossings. A small child and a big dog were playing in the water as I rode through. As Laughing Dave followed me I heard a bit of commotion and, inevitably, laughter. Half way across the dog had wandered straight in front of Dave nearly having him off. A bit of discussion on the new work on the path and we were on past the Strawbury Duck. I was really enjoying my first singlespeed ride for ages and I managed to get to the top of Edge Lane with only one dab. When I looked back at the top Dave and Dave were racing each other culminating in the Builder shoving the Laugher out of the way to take the win! More banter. Will then arrived and, far from being knackered, he just kept going. Steadily on towards the A666 we rode together and again exchanged easy conversation. A final mini race back to my front gate and the ride was over.
I said at the start - it was nothing special but somehow it was. It's great to do something you love, with your mates.

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