Sunday, 15 January 2012

Mr Sparkle's Dark 'Un

An idle daydream became a run route became an idea for a race became reality.
I like fell running at night. I like fell races. Loads of people have decent lights these days so why not organise a night time fell race? How hard can it be??
Well, if truth be told, it's been a bit hard but not too hard. The route was no problem. Sorting out with the pub for race HQ and chip butties was no problem. I was very lucky to deal with a very helpful lady at United Utilities for the land access permission. The FRA were as heplful and efficient as you would expect from such an esteemed organisation whilst sorting out the insurance etc. I should be ok with marshals as plenty of Dashers have come forward to say that they will help. All good so far.
My main concern is getting enough people to enter it. I came up with the figure of 60 as a limit due to concerns about
a. safety
b. enviromental concerns
c. the size of the pub (and car park)
I wanted to try to get it filled by pre-entry so that I could let the pub know numbers. To achieve this I started a thread on the FRA site and emailed as many of the local running clubs as I could to let them know. I also got busy on Twitter as @darwendashers
I have been sent several postal entries but I think people are holding off to enter on the night. Hmm, not so good.
Anyway, on the positive side I must say that I have been blown away by the positive reaction I have had so far, especially from Paul Livsey, Jonathan Stubbs and Joanne Nelson from Dashers. They have been really enthusiastic and encouraging.
I've still got quite a bit to sort out but I am looking forward to it (with only mild trepidation!).

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